Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    بزهدیده، بزهدیده شناسی، تعیین مجازات، اجرای مجازات    M.Sc.    ,    2009-03-25
2    Challenges in the criminal justice expert accidents in Iran    M.Sc.    ,    2009-09-25
3    Prevention of crimes against the rights of consumers    M.Sc.    sadati, samane    2010-05-16
4    Legislative criminal policy of Iran toward crime of moharebeh and efsadfelarz    M.Sc.    ,    2010-06-08
5    Comparative study of traditional and computer frauds criminology    M.Sc.    ,    2011-01-21
6    Iranian Criminal policy against Infrignment of Individual Privacy    M.Sc.    rangbaran, moslem    2011-02-01
7    Crimes and violations of medical causes and prevention strategies in the city of Bojnourd 1385-1389    M.Sc.    ,    2011-02-07
8    examine of iran criminal policy about financial corruption in governmental contracts    M.Sc.    MOOSAVI BAYGI, SEYED ALI    2011-03-03
9    criminal policy in Iran about Crimes without felony    M.Sc.    Mousavi, iman    2011-03-15
10    Comparative study of criminal policy towards Iran and Afghanistan, drug offenses    M.Sc.    Sadeqi, Ahmad Reza    2011-05-04
11    Iran\\\'s legislative policy regarding criminal violations of trade    M.Sc.    Kamalzadeh, Hassan    2011-05-16
12    Reflect the patient\\\\    M.Sc.    REZAIE, ELHAM    2011-05-18
13    Criminal civil rights legislative policy reflected in Iran    M.Sc.    yazdankhah, hosein    2011-05-24
14    Iranian criminal policy regarding trade secrets and financial transparency in economic criminal law    M.Sc.    Akbari, Eliyas    2011-06-12
15    Comparative study of legislative politics, criminal offenses, and offenses against Iran and Egypt Surgeons    M.Sc.    Negravi, Foad    2011-06-22
16    The role of banking system about prevention of economic and financial crimes    M.Sc.    hasanabadi, azam    2011-07-05
17    Identification of legislative criminal policy toward Iran pyramid companies    M.Sc.    attarian, ali    2011-07-09
18    Legislative policy of the Iranian criminal offenses against the drug manufacturers    M.Sc.    ramezani ghoshkhane, ahad    2011-07-11
19    Preemptive multi-institutional approach against financial corruption    M.Sc.    ,    2011-09-23
20    Review of Iranian criminal policy The confidentiality of commercial and economic    M.Sc.    ilbeigy zadeh, amin    2011-09-25
21    Criminal policy of Iran about the rules of article 44 of the Constitution    M.Sc.    ahmadi, zahra    2011-09-25
22    economic offences Diversion reflection in    M.Sc.    jangi, khadijeh    2012-03-01
23    Management Of Economical Crimes From The Perspective Of Populism Criminal Policy    M.Sc.    esmaeelzadeh, lida    2012-03-13
24    Police role in prevention of economic crime    M.Sc.    garah baghi, akram    2012-03-14
25    non-criminal prevention from tax crims and frauds    M.Sc.    ahmadi, masoud    2012-04-14
26    Fraud by preconstruction sale and preventive solution    M.Sc.    Mortazavi, Seyyed Amir    2012-12-30
27    Identify the challenges in the Judiciary For the prevention of economic crimes    M.Sc.    khosravy, elham    2013-02-12
28    Islamic criminal law bill innovations in criminal sanctions for juvenile delinquency with regard to international regulations    M.Sc.    ghanei rezaei moghadam, vahid    2013-02-12
29    The impact of credit(LC) on economic crimes and the prevention methods    M.Sc.    askary, ali akbar    2013-03-12
30    Economic analysis of cyber crime    M.Sc.    sargolzaei, malihe    2013-03-16
31    non criminal prevention approach in customs smuggling    M.Sc.    sadeghi, naeemeh    2013-03-16
32    Cultural roots of crimes occurrence and ways of preventing it    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Eqbal    2013-04-10
33    Penal Liability of Legal Entities on Cybercrime Laws    M.Sc.    sallehi, marzeiah    2013-04-30
34    The protective criminal procedure on women victims in Iran    M.Sc.    paeendehi, alireza    2013-04-30
35    The role of consumer rights protection in the interest of national production (case study of household appliances in Mashhad)    M.Sc.    bazrgar, nahid    2013-07-02
36    Decisions criminal securance in the iranian law and its comparison with new bill    M.Sc.    movaghar, mohammadhaadi    2013-07-15
37    Legislative Politics off Criminal Offenses on Womens sports in Iran    M.Sc.    isapor, vida    2013-09-19
38    Economic crime prevention from the perspective of the Holy Quran    M.Sc.    masudi, mohsen    2013-11-05
39    nhgfdeassssssssssssssssssssss    M.Sc.    nedaee, reza    2013-12-19
40    Criminal policy of I.R. of Iran about special crime of foreign affairs    M.Sc.    Farsian motlagh, Mahin    2014-01-30
41    legal requirement for search or seizure of computer data and systems in the field of computer crime    M.Sc.    latifian, simin    2014-01-30
42    Criminal view of Galikesh City    M.Sc.    saryloo, adel    2014-02-25
43    Comparative study of the principles of fair trail in the criminal procedure code Afghanistan and Iran    M.Sc.    qaemi, mahdi    2014-02-25
44    Criminal legislation on violence against women in Afghanistan and Iran policy realm    M.Sc.    Akhezada, Abdul Sameer    2014-02-25
45    Legislative criminal policy towards Iran and Afghanistan bribery    M.Sc.    Heydarpoor, Mahdi    2014-02-25
46    Iranian criminal policy toward crimes and delinquencies in virtual social networks    M.Sc.    rahimi, zohre    2014-03-04
47    The new penal policy of Iran in supporting the family    M.Sc.    jaberian shamsi nejad, mohammad reza    2014-05-04
48    Publishing proceedings by media: a comparative study of new criminal justice act and the Australian legal system criminal    M.Sc.    GOLMOHAMMADI, OMID    2014-05-04
49    Inovations of islamic punishment law about multiplicity of crime considering the precedent in 1392    M.Sc.    hosaeni, saedmahde    2014-05-05
50    Criminal policy discourse of the legislator in the Act of Healt Promotion    M.Sc.    Elhami Nezhad, Hadise    2014-05-05
51    Support criminal policy of Islamic republic of iran in respect to purview daffyes accuent mashhad cases    M.Sc.    baseribaghsiah, vajiheh    2014-05-05
52    Challenges related Civil support of Child victims emphasis mashhad    M.Sc.    karmozd, maryam    2014-05-05
53    Prevention of registered crimes and Instaneous digital Registration system and Its challenges    M.Sc.    nazari, fatemeh    2014-05-05
54    Challenges of environmental crime in Mashhad    M.Sc.    hosseini fadaki, massoumeh    2014-05-05
55    The Iranian criminal policy abut Efsade fel arz    M.Sc.    kalamimoghadam, mehdi    2014-05-10
56    Common occurance of psychological disorders and its relationship with crime (A case study of Mashhad Hejazi Hospital [ 1390 - 1392] )    M.Sc.    boloorsaz mashhadi, zahra    2014-09-06
57    A Comparative study of cousation between Afghanistan and Iran    M.Sc.    mansuri, Anargul    2014-11-11
58    social factors affecting the crime of intentional assault on the city of torbat heydarieh (1388-1392)    M.Sc.    yousofi, hasan    2014-12-28
59    The new approach of Islamic Penal Code1392 on mistake and its effects    M.Sc.    heydarzadeh emamverdikhan, hossein    2015-01-19
60    Criminal policy in relation to crimes & violations against the water wastewater industry in Iran    M.Sc.    badeey, maryam alsadat    2015-01-29
61    Analysis of functions of Adoption in prevention of Minors delinquency and victimization    M.Sc.    Mohammadi Ayoubi, Seyed AbdolKarim    2015-03-11
62    Sociological analysis ofdeviancerelatedtobureaucracyin Iran    M.Sc.    Tahmasbizaveh, Hamidreza    2015-03-11
63    Consideration on the status of unified precedential decisions in the criminal legal system of Islamic republic of Iran    M.Sc.    ghavami, elahe    2015-03-11
64    Interrogation challenges in prosecutors office (Case study: prosecutors office district 7 Mashhad)    M.Sc.    aalami, majid    2015-04-28
65    Iran’s Criminal Policy Against Money Laundering in the Securities & Stock Exchange    M.Sc.    vahdati, maryam    2015-05-02
66    The comparative study of the legislative criminal policy of Afghanistan and Iran, against money laundering    M.Sc.    Khalili, Mohammad Nabi    2015-06-02
67    Social Prevention of Crime and Its Challenges    M.Sc.    Khoshdel, Masoume    2015-06-02
68    The criminological analysis of hate crime    M.Sc.    tahan toroghi, mohammad    2015-07-28
69    Differential dimension of criminal procedure in the stage of preliminary investigation in the new criminal procedure code(۱۳۹۲)    M.Sc.    Behrad Nasab, Hamid Reza    2015-12-06
70    Review of the code of criminal procedure (1392) innovation in the realm of mediation    M.Sc.    Hossein zadeh zarkar, Alireza    2016-03-12
71    Iran Legislative Criminal Policy in Relation to Business    M.Sc.    Arjmand, Atoosa    2016-07-03
72    Comparative stydy of Lawyer delinquncy in Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    Khashan Rawdhan, Ahmed    2016-09-13
73    A comparative study of the criminal offense in Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    ALSAEDI, ALI    2016-10-25
74    A comparative study of criminal offense of money laundering in Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    Majeed, Wisam Basim    2016-11-19
75    Comparative study applied about the crime of bribery in the criminal system iranian and Iraqi    M.Sc.    Kareem, Salah Jalil    2016-12-13
76    A comparative study of the Iran-Iraq parole in the penal system    M.Sc.    Rabiee, ahmed    2016-12-13
77    Criminal study of bounced cheque on the law of Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    AL-SAEDI, Haitham Kadhim Mohammed    2016-12-13
78    Comparative investigation of Multiplicity of Crimes in the Iran and Iraq's law    M.Sc.    FLAYYIH, HAIDER    2016-12-13
79    Testimony in Iranizal Criminal Justice With A Comparative Study To UK Criminal Justice    M.Sc.    Esmaeili, Ehsan    2016-12-13
80    A Comparative Study of Factors Justifying the Crime in Iraqi Legal System and International Criminal Court    M.Sc.    Jebur, Noaman Atiyah    2017-01-03
81    A Comparative Study of the Criminal Liability of Children and Youth in the Legal System of Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    Hashim, Zuohair    2017-01-03
82    A comparative study of criminal responsibility of phisieins in Iran and Iraq’s Legal System    M.Sc.    AL-RUBAYE, SAMAH    2017-01-03
83    the rights of a victim in Iranian & Iraq law with an outlook to international documents    M.Sc.    ALFATLAWI, INAAM    2017-01-03
84    A comparative study of the Iran-Iraq The crime of treason in trust in the penal system    M.Sc.    abdalamer, naoras    2017-01-03
85    A Comparative Study of Prosecutor's Duties in the Criminal System Of Iran and Iraq    M.Sc.    Ibrahim, Qasim Mohammed Jasim    2017-01-03
86    The Crime of Human Trafficking In Iraqi And Iranian Law by Looking At International Documents    M.Sc.    Neamah, Atheer    2017-01-03
87    Modernization of Criminal Policy toward Tax crimes    M.Sc.    Moghanibashi, Mohammad    2017-03-07
88    the decriminalization of drugs(A case study of Portugal)    M.Sc.    TATARI, AMIN    2017-05-03
89    Analysis of Contractual Penalty in Economic Crimes    M.Sc.    jahandideh, zoheir    2017-05-16
90    Comparative study of unintentional murder in Iranian-Iraqi law    M.Sc.    Fezea, Kadhim    2017-05-16
91    A Comparative Study about forgery and using fates document in Iran and Iraq law    M.Sc.    Al Lami, َAli    2017-05-16
92    Check innovations Shape and Substantive legislator On war crime of Desertion.    M.Sc.    abrari moghadam, majid    2017-10-15
93    Comparative study of criminal policy in Iran and Syria on Personal Data Protection with light on laws of UK    M.Sc.    ETAKI, ABDELGHANY    2017-10-16
94    Native pattern of domestic jurisdiction in cybercrime with A review of judicial procedure of the mashhad courts    M.Sc.    allahabadi, reza    2017-12-10
95    Reduction of the jail population in the process of preliminory investigation of criminal proceedings    M.Sc.    ranaii, soghra    2017-12-10
96    Public moral Iraq and Iran    M.Sc.    Al - Azzawi, Muqdad Riyadh Lafta    2018-03-03
97    Comparative Study driving offenees in criminal law of lran and lraq    M.Sc.    Al - Fahad, Dhahir Habeeb Kadhim    2018-03-04
98    A comparative study of the crime of embezzlement in the legal system of Iran and Afghanistan.    M.Sc.    NIK KHAH, SOMAIA    2018-03-13
99    Matrial Multiplicity of crimes in Iran and Afghanistan criminal systems    M.Sc.    Sharifi, Fahim    2018-03-13
100    Post bounding the implementation of panishment in Iran and Afghanistan criminal systems    M.Sc.    amini, samiullah    2018-03-13
101    comparative study of crime scourge in iran and Iraq criminal law    M.Sc.    Al - Janabi, Hadeel Abdulhamza Khairi    2018-03-13
102    Legitimate criminal policy of economic crimes in the way of sixth law of economic, social and cultural development    M.Sc.    ebrahimi, eraj    2018-04-24